19th Annual Storytelling Celebration Kansas City: Listen to our stories- Hear the world
19th Annual Kansas City Storytelling Celebration
November 7-10, 2018

Jasmin Cardenas

Jasmin Cardenas


Jasmin Cardenas is a Colombian-American bilingual Storyteller, Actress, Educator and Social Activist.  Jasmin enjoys exploring the uncomfortable truths found when you grow up between cultures. Her one-woman show, written and performed my Jasmin is called

Nia Buena? A coming of age story highlighting the joys and challenges of being Latina y Americana. It has been toured in the Midwest and to Puebla, Mexico when it was included in the Susana Alexander International Theater Festival.

​Jasmin was one of the first two Latina's awarded The Race Bridges Storytelling Fellowship, which allowed her to create two new social justice stories from her life.  Jasmin regularly tours her bilingual storytelling program Cuentos from the Americas which highlights lesser known folktales, myths and legends from North, Central and South


America (with special attention to Colombian stories) as well as personal tales about being bi-cultural. Cuentos(Stories) from the Americans School Programs can be for K-2nd, 3-5th or 6-8th!! As the Cuentos Aqui Storyteller for the Chicago Public Library she had the privilege of working with Latino children and families as an early literacy specialist.  In Chicago Jasmin regularly performs with 2nd Story and feels fortunate to perform at libraries, schools and festivals locally & nationally. 

Fusing her love of performance with the need for raising social consciousness she uses theater for social justice. Jasmin is a practicioner of, Theater of the Oppressed, an interactive technique created by the Brazilian theater director, writer and activist Augusto Boal. Using this very physical technique that is based in critical dialogue and action Jasmin works with youth and adults alike to find solutions to real life problems, create a space for dialogue around issues of conflict and create art that speaks to the needs of todays world.


Bil Lep

Bil Lep


Growing up in a family where the truth was fluid, Bil Lepp became adept at spinning tales and exaggerating circumstances at an early age.

 A nationally renowned storyteller and five time champion of the West Virginia Liars Contest, Bils outrageous, humorous tall-tales and witty stories have earned the appreciation of listeners of all ages and from all walks of life.

 Though a champion liar, his stories often contain morsels of truth which shed light on universal themes. Be it a hunting trip, a funeral, or a visit to the dentist, Bil can find the humor in any situation. Lepp explains that while his stories may not be completely true, they are always honest.

 Lepp, a cross between Dr. Seuss andfilm noir.... -Charleston Gazette  


Bil is the author of six books and sixteen audio collections. His first childrens book, The King of Little Things, won the PEN Steven Kroll Award for Picture Book Writing, received a Kirkus Starred review, and favorable reviews from The Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, The School Library Journal and other publications. It also won the Zena Sutherland Award, the Parents Choice Gold Award, was a              finalist for the Irma Black Award, and was chosen to be West Virginia's book at the National Book Festival.

 A storyteller, author, and recording artist, Lepps works have received awards and recognition from The Parents Choice Foundation, The National Parenting Publications Assoc., and the Public Library Assoc. In 2011, Bil was awarded the National Storytelling Networks Circle of Excellence Award. Lepp has been featured 15 times at the National Storytelling Festival, and performed at major storytelling festivals, at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and at corporate events and functions across the country. He     performed at Comedy Centrals Stage on Hudson in Los Angeles, CA.

Donna Washington


Donna Washington


Donna was born an army brat in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She traveled all over with world with her parents. Her father would sit at the dinner table and spin the wildest yarns imaginable. He taught her Arthurian Legend and Greek Mythology by telling the stories in the first person. She thought he had actually been with Merlin and Oedipus. She thought he was thousands of years old. Donna spent from second to sixth grade in Seoul Korea. It was during these years that her parents adopted three Amerasian children. Through it all, she learned about different people, places and of course, learned their stories.

Donna attended Northwestern University and was involved with numerous theatrical productions. It was at this time that storytelling reemerged as something she wanted to learn more about. In the four years she was there, she began to make storytelling a central part of her performance life.



Donna has performed at thousands of schools & libraries and numerous storytelling festivals throughout the country. She has also been featured at numerous storytelling festivals including the 2004 National Storytelling Festival, The Illinois Storytelling Festival, The Three Rivers Festival, The St. Louis Storytelling Festival, The NC StoryFest, The Corn Island and Cave Run Festivals in KY, and the Broward County Children's & Ocala Storytelling Festivals in FL- just to name a few.

She also offers workshops in storytelling, writing, education, and creative drama for librarians and educators as well. Some of her recent workshops venues include the National Storytellers Conference, Forsyth School Media Association, US Army Corps of Engineers, North Carolina Library Association Conference, Virginia Library Association Conference, Georgia Council of Media Organizations Conference, South Carolina Library Association Conference, National Storytelling Conference, International Reading Association Conference, Mary Lois Staton Conference at ECU, and keynote speaker & presenter at the North Carolina Elementary Educators Conference among others.

Tim Lowry

Tim Lowry


Tim Lowry has been telling stories of the People, by the People, and for the People for 15 years. Telling a variety of Folk Tales and Stories from American History, Tim has presented thousands of educational programs for schools across the country. At festivals Tim entertains audiences with a mixture of Folk Tales and Personal Narrative. He also presents storytelling/communication workshops at corporate retreats. When Tim is not on the road, he makes his home in Summerville, SC, where he often performs stories of southern culture and history from the Sweet Tea Trail.


Tim grew up in southeastern Kentucky where he learned the art of storytelling from Appalachian folk who spun yarns and told tales to entertain, teach morals, and pass along local history. He studied            drama in high school and toured the East Coast in 1987 with a drama school from Greenville, SC. After earning a degree in Theater, Tim taught English language arts for five years. He left the classroom in 2000 to become a full-time professional performer. He has made several television appearances, recorded a number of storytelling CDs, filmed a DVD, and written a storytelling handbook.

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